Adult Soccer Policies


Players must have completed waivers on file in order to play.


Facility memberships expire on August 31st. They are non-refundable and must be renewed annually.


Players added to the roster of any team are responsible for their;

  • individual membership fees,
  • team fees,
  • outstanding fines, and
  • completed liability waiver.


Rosters may be updated up to the start of the 8th game of the season.


Adult teams may be added to leagues without payment, however $1,000 deposit must be paid before the first game is scheduled. Full payment is due before the third game. Player memberships and completed waivers are required to play.


Players are required to play in a matching team jersey with a unique number, and that number must be noted on the Official's game sheet.

Discipline & Fines

Red and Yellow cards are at the discretion of the referees. Any player accumulating three (3) Yellow cards (while playing in any league, division, day at Soccer World or Redeemer) will receive a one week suspension and an automatic $100 fine. Yellow cards carry over from season to season, but expire 12 months after being issued. Any player receiving two (2) Yellow cards in a single game or a Red Card receives the OSA table suspension and an automatic $100 fine.

Payment of any fines must be settled prior to the next game. The team with player receiving the fine team must pay the fine before playing the next game.

Players receiving a Red card, in addition to the fine and suspension, are also suspended from playing future (league and playoff) games in the same season against the same team. Suspensions may be appealed in writing once the fine has been paid.

No-Shows / Not enough players to start

Teams unable to field at least 5 players will automatically have the game recorded as a 3 - 0 loss. In cases where the team is short players, they may "recruit" qualified (valid membership and signed waiver) players from other teams to join and play an exhibition game.

Schedule Requests

  1. Week one games are scheduled in order of payments received.
  2. Schedule requests may be submitted by email at least five (5) days prior to the second league game. Every effort will be made to accommodate requests, but they are never guaranteed.
  3. Semi-final and championship games times are not negotiable.

Refunds (during COVID-19 mandated shut down)

Cancellations will be processed for credit only.

Refunds (during normal operations)

Team fees are non-refundable. No refunds on any deposits or payments made towards team fees for teams that fold mid-season.

Division Assignments

League reserves the right to place teams in divisions and may move teams mid-season to balance skill levels and maintain the competitiveness of divisions.

Multiple Teams

Players may play on multiple teams.

Behaviour Expectations

Repeated inappropriate behaviour may result in expulsion, and loss of deposits and payments from the facility, leagues and programs. Soccer World reserves the right to refuse future registration to these persons and/or teams.